Years back we noted that the US was considering giving MANPADS to the so-called moderate opposition in Syria. We also noted that these would likely “accidentally” fall into the hands of extremists – as is wont to happen with all US-provided munitions. Indeed US ally Saudi Arabia already has given MANPADS to these moderates. Likely US-made MANPADS, considering where Saudi Arabia gets most of its arms.

More concerning is the fact that the US Congress has also quietly green-lighted the transfer of such anti-aircraft weaponry to “VETTED“(……….) Syrian rebels.

Soon after a Russian helicopter got shot down by a US-made TOW missile.

Finally, we have confirmation of the above hypothesis, with al-Qaeda off-shoot Hayat Tahrir al-Sham extremists shooting down a Russian jet recently with none other than a MANPADS – a story that as usual does not get much coverage in the mainstream media.

Another part of the story you’ve probably not heard is exactly how the unfortunate victim of geopolitics died. A video, filmed for propagandistic purposes by the extremist moderates as they closed in on what they thought would be an easy kill.

After bailing from his burning aircraft, Maj. Roman Filipov came under fire from al-Qaeda faction Hayat Tahrir al-Sham as he deployed his parachute. He made it to the ground but was by no means about to allow himself to be captured by a vicious extremist group that had no compunctions about torture. He drew his pistol and dispatched two of the “moderates”, emptying his magazine before shouting “this is for our lads!” as they overwhelm him with their numbers- pulling the pin of a grenade and blowing himself up.

The Major’s body was repatriated to Russia, where he was posthumously given the title “Hero of Russia”.

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