Lesser oil production in Venezuela and Iran may cause a spike in the oil prices, warns Patrick DeHaan, who works at Gas Buddy as a Senior Petroleum Analyst –  a company that provides best deals in gasoline prices.

According to triple-A, the average price for standard gasoline was $2.51. DeHaan suggests that a vehicle owner will be paying an additional $110 to $220 on gasoline this year.

Another study by triple-A confirms that vehicle owners would unnecessarily purchase premium – the one with higher octane levels – and not go for the regular gasoline, even though their cars are designed for regular gasoline.

The mid-grade gasoline costs 15 to 30 cents more than the price of regular gasoline, whereas premium gasoline costs more than 52 cents: if your car’s manual says that your vehicle does not require high-end gasoline than you are paying $5 – $10 extra for a standard sedan.

Here are a few things you can do to save money on your next trip:

Use Tech

To begin with, install an app that can compare the gasoline prices for you, two of the most popular are Gas Guru & Gas Buddy.

Michael Calkins, manager at triple-A, suggests that “You’re also likely to get a better deal at stations that are not located on major highways.”

That being said, it would be not wise to go a completely different route just for saving.

Compare Different States

Next time, whenever you are planning a trip leading you to a different state, then check the oil prices as they vary from state to state.

“A driver crossing the border from Ohio to Pennsylvania on Interstate 80, for example, it could cost 36 cents per gallon more to fill up in Pennsylvania. That’s more than $7 extra to fill up the minivan’s gas tank,” says the Consumer Report.

Use Cards

There are many stations nationwide that accept cards, and many of them even accept Bitcoins. The difference between cash and other means can help you save up a few cents per gallon.

If your bank offers good deals and benefits on credit card, then use them and ripe the rewards. For example, Bank of America offers 3% cash back on the purchase of gasoline. “It’s worth noting that a rewards credit card could even provide greater savings than a gas credit card from a big oil company (such as Texaco or Chevron),” states DeHaan.

However, if you have a debit card, you should ask for the amount before you make a purchase as many gas stations charge the rates of a credit card (usually high in some cases) instead.

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